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Northern Spiny Tail Gecko

These hypnotic eyes belong to the Northern Spiny Tail Gecko, Strophurus ciliaris aberrans (Gekkonidae), a large gecko (up to 15cm long), endemic to western Australia. 

As suggested by their common and scientific names, these geckos have two rows of large spines down the upper surface of the tail, and a row of small spines above the eye. In fact, Strophurus means ‘turning-tail’, and ciliaris ‘eyelashed’, in reference to the spines above the eyes.

When molested, this gecko exudes a noxious sticky fluid from the glands in its tail.

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Photo credit: ©Jordan Vos | [Top] - [Bottom]

Locality: Gascoyne, Western Australia

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The epic Col de Turini.

Made it back to the front country safe n sound! Backpacking across the Kimberley was an amazing and unforgettable experience!!! I’ll post pics when I get stateside!



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